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Costume parts reference list

Post by Obey Wann » Mon Mar 11, 2019 2:57 pm

Note: Admins: Please feel free to tweak this, take it over, or whatever. This is based on a FB conversation with Terry... so here goes....
Note: I don't know if it is possible to shrink photos in this forum software, but it could help if we could make them 100x100px or something link that. Otherwise, feel free to remove images, as this will get too huge with them.

I think it would be a good thing to have a list of useful parts, tools, add-ons, and other accessories that would help folks with their costume builds.

It is important that we list things that we have personally used and can vouch for, or we need to give disclaimers if we have not personally purchased the items.

This list can grow as we add ideas, links and vendors.

And as always, buyer-beware, and the 501st does not endorse vendors and all of that... but let's share what works for us so we can help others in their builds.

Helmet Padding:

Universal Foam Padding Kits Set
$15 Prime free shipping
Recommended and used by Terry Johnson


Trooper Helmet Liner
$100+ shipping
Recommended by Bill Blackburn (not purchased, but have seen on many forums)



G.I. Type Nomex Flight Gloves
Approx $30 + shipping
Recommended and used on multiple kits (TK, TC, MMCC) by Bill Blackburn


TK style Trooper Helmet Gasket
Window glass rubber seal S
Approx $10 + Prime free shipping
Recommended by Coinshark

TK Style boots
Roamers Unisex Leather Gusset Jodhpur Equestrian Riding Boots
Approx $67
Recommended by Coinshark

Under Armor/Compression clothing:

Helmet Fans:

Hand Tools:

Power Tools:

Snaps, Suspension and Webbing

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